Dear Married Man

Life Letters

[Disclaimer: My writings are strictly creative and shouldn’t be taken literally.]

Dear Married Man,

Does your wife realize how unhappy you are? You move through every day just going through the motions, feeling neglected. Every single moment of your home life is routine. There is no excitement or adventure in your marriage. Just a rude routine and it kills you.

You feel guilty. You feel guilty because you dread the idea of spending the rest of your life with a woman who you never truly loved. A woman who never understood you. You feel guilty because deep down inside you knew this before you married the Mrs.

But you went ahead and did it anyway. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. You were getting older and your mother was hounding you for grandbabies. Your best buddies were getting engaged and you didn’t want to be the odd one out. The lonely one. The immature one. A playboy had to become an honest man one day right? Wrong.

So you went through with it and now you’re just going through it. How do you cope with laying next to a woman who makes your stomach churn? Tell me, how do you do it?

You don’t. Your wife doesn’t know it yet but you are living a double life. I won’t call you a cheater because that’s too harsh. It’s too gritty and dirty. You’re too smooth for that.

You are an escapist. With every affair you escape and create a fantasy free of restriction. You release your inhibitions on her body. You can finally be your authentic self with her.

She is your ideal fantasy. She is more than just another piece of flesh. She is freedom. She is hope. She is the spark that you look forward too. She is the being that speaks to your truest self. You don’t have to lie to her.

But you lie to yourself and you lie to your wife. While your wife cries herself to sleep because of another lonely night, you cry on the inside. So married man, what will you do? Will you spend the next 50 years with this woman or will you free yourself? Because you will die a broken man if you continue this charade.