Late Night Freestyle


I am not the girl

Who will blow your phone up

Beg for your attention and get jealous

I am the woman who will bless you

With money oil and put a picture of you on

My altar for your protection

I am not the girl interested in anything above the surface

I am the woman who you will have to

Reach the bottom of the Pacific

Just to feel me

I am not the girl who you will easily


I am the woman who you will never truly Know but never forget

Wednesday Night Refuge


With moments in time

And movements in my mind

I am ascending into another dimension

Full of false realities

And real fantasies

Can you feel it?

The frequencies of galactic sex

Dancing on top of Saturn’s rings

I thrust my body into a panther’s tongue

Love is my inner

And pain is my lover

I am the sinner sitting on your lap

As sleep paralyzes your dreams

You can trust me

Because I am not a liar

Transparent by default



Left stranded in my emotions

The rescue party missed me

I am isolated in the waiting sands

Some truths are worth more than money

Patience, no longer feels like a virtue

But I am virtuous and I am a survivor

So I open myself to divine’s intervention

Knowing that God’s timing is priceless

And just when I am about to dry out

The tides run in to save me from this shore