When All Is…

When all is said and all is done When you think that life is over God gives you a second chance When all is lost and all is forgotten When you believe there’s no tomorrow God gives you a second chance When all is broken and all is gone When you think that darkness has... Continue Reading →

I Saw Mermaids In A Dream

Her waves call me into the storm With sea angels of whispers And fogs of one's night I am pulled deep within the under Into a world of secrets From the seep of her core With eyes of eternal youth And feet with no ends I am transformed


Never will I allow the silence to break me into a million pieces With my heart's desires locked in a cage of venom and pain With sorrow's last movement across great bodies of water With my wings, I will fly and rise higher than the sun With great passion, I will soar and sit amongst... Continue Reading →

Mysterious Woman

She waltz in the room With satin heels Leaving footprints of silk On the silver linings Spectators wonder who she is Her secret weapon wrinkles in her eyes As her hair dances in the wind She entices them without saying a word She is the mysterious woman Of folklore and fairytales The woman of the... Continue Reading →

Do You Know?

Love leaves her lyrics on his lips As fall leaves her leaf on his tongue A slow soul reaches maturity As amber waves move towers through time A tender touch of tomorrow With promises of a fairytale ending Do you know why you're here?

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