Dear Pisces Moon

Zodiac Letters

Dear Pisces Moon,

That dream last night really did a number on you. It was hellish and heaven at the same time. And even though the rollercoaster ride is over, those illusions have spilled over into your waking life. The line dividing reality and fantasy no longer exists.

At times you are not sure what really exists. Are those feelings real? Is any of it real? Possibly. But then there’s another possibility that it’s all in your head, Pisces Moon. Suffering is a choice. Those ropes that keep you bound are only as real as you want them to be. Remember the world’s problems are not yours to fix. You must take care of yourself, first.

How does it feel to be the most complex and misunderstood of all the moon signs? Your sun in Pisces friends have it easy (unless they too share a moon in Pisces) . They don’t have to live with the intensity of being an emotional ocean. But neither do you, it’s a choice.

You are the most beautiful when you allow yourself to be vulnerable without becoming a victim. You are stronger than you realize and you need to give yourself more credit. You are fully supported and cared for. It is okay to release those burdens and let your guard down, but always protect your heart. You cannot continue to allow others to take advantage of your kindness.

Don’t give away your emotions because they are too powerful.


Another Pisces Moon

Dear Married Man

Life Letters

[Disclaimer: My writings are strictly creative and shouldn’t be taken literally.]

Dear Married Man,

Does your wife realize how unhappy you are? You move through every day just going through the motions, feeling neglected. Every single moment of your home life is routine. There is no excitement or adventure in your marriage. Just a rude routine and it kills you.

You feel guilty. You feel guilty because you dread the idea of spending the rest of your life with a woman who you never truly loved. A woman who never understood you. You feel guilty because deep down inside you knew this before you married the Mrs.

But you went ahead and did it anyway. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. You were getting older and your mother was hounding you for grandbabies. Your best buddies were getting engaged and you didn’t want to be the odd one out. The lonely one. The immature one. A playboy had to become an honest man one day right? Wrong.

So you went through with it and now you’re just going through it. How do you cope with laying next to a woman who makes your stomach churn? Tell me, how do you do it?

You don’t. Your wife doesn’t know it yet but you are living a double life. I won’t call you a cheater because that’s too harsh. It’s too gritty and dirty. You’re too smooth for that.

You are an escapist. With every affair you escape and create a fantasy free of restriction. You release your inhibitions on her body. You can finally be your authentic self with her.

She is your ideal fantasy. She is more than just another piece of flesh. She is freedom. She is hope. She is the spark that you look forward too. She is the being that speaks to your truest self. You don’t have to lie to her.

But you lie to yourself and you lie to your wife. While your wife cries herself to sleep because of another lonely night, you cry on the inside. So married man, what will you do? Will you spend the next 50 years with this woman or will you free yourself? Because you will die a broken man if you continue this charade.



Dear Sweet Red Wine

Life Letters

[Disclaimer: My writings are strictly creative and shouldn’t be taken literally.]

Dear Sweet Red Wine,

I admit that there were many others before you. I admit that you were not my first drink of choice. My affair with Hennessy must have broken your heart. To see me fill my insides with such a toxic substance. I must have been out of my mind.

But you have to understand that nothing compares to your sweet taste. You are my happiness after a long work week. You are my escape from the void of loneliness that fills me. You were my comfort in my darkest moments. I found my sanity in my solace when I discovered you.

So I will hold you close to me and we’ll spend many moons together.



Dear Sagittarius

Zodiac Letters

Dear Sagittarius,

The shit has hit the fan! You’re tired of being the fun loving, easy going and nice friend. You’re ready to walk on the wild side and be a selfish bitch like your sister signs, Aries and Leo. You’re tired of compromising yourself to be an optimistic and pleasant person. You’re tired of being there for other people and not being there for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you want to be negative or cruel. You’re just done being nice to the wrong people because you’ve become a little push over. Ouch!

However, you’re no longer settling. You are finally stepping into your womanhood and being the confident sexy woman you were born to be. The old you has been draining and you know it’s time to sever any ties that keep you in that same low vibrational frequency. You are ascending and moving into a dimension of love that you’ve never experienced. You can finally be your most authentic self. You are finally free. You should feel liberated and excited because your new life is here, so celebrate. Don’t party too hard.


Another Sagittarius