Gabby Johnson is a native Detroiter who is using her platform as a source of divine empowerment and inspiration. After graduating from Michigan State University, she is using her journalism degree to communicate with the public in a way that not only inspires but also encourages others to look within. She believes that we are all connected through our stories. In her spare time she enjoys reading about conspiracy theories, eating sushi, listening to Neo Soul music and drinking tea.

“The beauty in poetry is that it does not have to always be defined or restricted to one thing. There are no rules or regulations. A poem is meant to be enjoyed internally. My internal focus is where I draw my power from. So for me, poetry has allowed me to tap into what’s within my soul and I have the opportunity to share my deepest expressions with like minded individuals. You may come with an empty heart, but you will leave with soul food.”-Gabby Johnson

“A great story, whether it is a film or a book, lingers into our minds long after it is over because the story influences us. It changes our perspectives and forces us to form our own interpretations. We can all watch the same film or read the same book, yet every one of us could gain a different meaning, becoming inspired in multiple ways. The many interpretations and inspirations have inspired me to pursue a writing career. I want to be a part of stories that create conversations and have meaningful impact.”-Gabby Johnson