He disappeared…now what?

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Sis, I’m writing this post because I know you’ve spent another week stressing over broke down DaShawn or bullshittin Byron. He ignored your text. You played it cool, went about your day and put on a straight face. But deep down inside his lack of response made you feel some type of way.


Two days went by and still no response from the bum you’ve made “bae.” You’re feeling a lil brave off of two glasses of moscato or maybe you drove the boat until it flipped and now you’re swimming in cognac.


You’re buzzin buzzin and feeling ballsy, so you decide to FaceTime him this time. Hennything is possible right? Wrong! Not only did he not answer, he declined your call! The nerve of him to ignore a goddess like you. The next morning, you hop on Instagram and repost a cryptic passive aggressive post directed towards “bae.”



You hope he sees it, but he doesn’t. His ass is nowhere to be found. So what do you do? Do you sulk and listen to another sad love song? Or do you put on some Megan Thee Stallion and remember who you are?! Alexa, play “Cognac Queen.”

I will not allow myself to let a man take up my mental space. If a man fails to see my worth and what I bring to the table, I will take my energy somewhere else. It is not my job to convince a man to be with me. There are plenty of quality men out there and I will not settle for a bum because of loneliness or a history between us. – A Wise Woman 

This scenario is all too common. I’ve even experienced the sting of being ignored by the guy you’re seeing. Especially if he’s a Scorpio or Virgo, run girl run! The younger version of me used to let a man’s disappearance bother me. I was a bothered little bish. But now, the evolved Sagittarius in me realizes that there isn’t a guy alive who has the power to make me lose myself again to the point where I’m obsessing over his absence. Be so busy and in your bag that you don’t even notice. You have better things to do hunny!

A Sagittarius woman’s philosophy is that there is always a bigger and better man available, so why waste time on one when you can have some real fun? 


As a young lady, you must understand that you cannot put all of your energy and time into a man. These guys out here are not losing sleep, hell even hair, over you. That’s the honest truth. While we lose sleep, weight and even edges, these guys go about their happy go lucky lives without even thinking about you. His priorities are elsewhere and so should yours. As women, we tend to get love struck and let our emotions get the best of us. We freely give our deepest emotional selves away to a guy just because he’s cute and decent.

Ladies, cute and decent are not enough. His actions have shown you time and time again that he is not that into you. He doesn’t prioritize you. He doesn’t care about you in the same way that you care about him. You’re not special to him and that’s okay because an intelligent beautiful woman like you doesn’t have to wait around for a peasant to acknowledge your worth. You must see your OWN worth and never settle for less than quality.


Stop wasting your youth on these clowns and invest in becoming the best version of yourself. He’s never worth it sis, do better.



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