He should want to see you in your bag and not doing bad!

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You can tell a lot about a man by the way he responds to your accomplishments. Ladies, we’ve all experienced shady so-called friends who were secretly haters. But have you ever experienced a guy that you’re dating feeling some type of way because of your progress? You get a new job and all he can say is, “Congrats.” You get a new hairstyle and all he can say is, “Cute.” You get accepted into that master’s program and all you get from him is silence. Either he gives you a dry response, a shady response or no response at all.


There is nothing that irritates me more than a man who tries to simmer down a woman. The guy you are dating should be one of your biggest supporters. He should be happy for you when you accomplish a goal. He should be excited for your future and proud of your progress. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. The sad truth is that there are some men who become envious of the women that they are dating. Maybe your success threatens him because he doesn’t have much going for himself. Maybe your success makes him feel insecure because he’s worried that you’ll find a better man.

My man is one of my biggest supporters. He wants to see me make positive changes in my life and encourages me to strive for better. My success makes him feel proud and he appreciates my effort. He motivates me to be my absolute best and is by my side every step of the way. I can count on him when things get tough. I know that he has my best interest at heart. His intentions are pure and straight from his heart. – A Wise Woman

Regardless of his excuse, when you are leveling up in life, you cannot entertain a man who is not rooting for you. It simply won’t work. Either he’s going to start cutting you down and making you feel inferior. Or he’s going to try and be in competition with you. He might even cheat on you with a basic bish, just to make you question yourself.



Hunny, get negative Norman out of your life for good! The man that’s for you will be one of your biggest uplifters and supporters. He wants to hear about your new job. He wants to assist you with your business plan. He wants to help you study for your exam. He offers to workout with you when you’re trying to lose weight. He doesn’t assist in cutting you down and making you feel less than great.

Any man that feels uncomfortable about you being in your bag is a man that doesn’t need to be around. Period. Ask yourself, what type of man would want to see his woman in a bad position? A BUM! As always ladies, do better.

A Sagittarius woman’s philosophy is if being in my bag has him in his feelings then too bad. He can hit the doe’ because I’m not stopping my GLOW! 





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