I Hit The Blunt

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He sparked a wood

I lit some sage

I was cleansing my space

While he was floating out of his

I never judged him

I only loved him

Tried to understand his addiction

Mary Jane was one of his coping mechanisms

To escape the pain of his reality

So we talked all night

I was troubled, not by his words

But by the thoughts he dare not say

It hurt to see him laugh

Deep down I knew it was a facade

And what hurt the most

Is that he had to pretend with me

I never pretended with him

I kept it real

100 percent

Yet this man could barely give me 50

This man could barely give me 50

So what did I do?

I hit the blunt

Grabbed my purse and I left

I was done playing therapist

I couldn’t help a man who couldn’t help himself

But damn right I hit the blunt

I needed a relief

I needed some peace

Some fresh air

Some food

A glass of moscato

I’m no longer into turning boys 2 men

But I am into sparking a wood and lighting some sage

Every now and then



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