Dear Sagittarius

Zodiac Letters

Dear Sagittarius,

The shit has hit the fan! You’re tired of being the fun loving, easy going and nice friend. You’re ready to walk on the wild side and be a selfish bitch like your sister signs, Aries and Leo. You’re tired of compromising yourself to be an optimistic and pleasant person. You’re tired of being there for other people and not being there for yourself. This doesn’t mean that you want to be negative or cruel. You’re just done being nice to the wrong people because you’ve become a little push over. Ouch!

However, you’re no longer settling. You are finally stepping into your womanhood and being the confident sexy woman you were born to be. The old you has been draining and you know it’s time to sever any ties that keep you in that same low vibrational frequency. You are ascending and moving into a dimension of love that you’ve never experienced. You can finally be your most authentic self. You are finally free. You should feel liberated and excited because your new life is here, so celebrate. Don’t party too hard.


Another Sagittarius

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