When All Is…


When all is said and all is done

When you think that life is over

God gives you a second chance

When all is lost and all is forgotten

When you believe there’s no tomorrow

God gives you a second chance

When all is broken and all is gone

When you think that darkness has won

God gives you the Sun



Never will I allow the silence to break me into a million pieces

With my heart’s desires locked in a cage of venom and pain

With sorrow’s last movement across great bodies of water

With my wings, I will fly and rise higher than the sun

With great passion, I will soar and sit amongst the clouds

I will laugh, I will cry the tears of joy’s last breathe

I will be thankful for finding my voice amongst the mess

Mysterious Woman


She waltz in the room

With satin heels

Leaving footprints of silk

On the silver linings

Spectators wonder who she is

Her secret weapon wrinkles in her eyes

As her hair dances in the wind

She entices them without saying a word

She is the mysterious woman

Of folklore and fairytales

The woman of the night

With a shadow of the sun

She is everything you want and more

The temperance and the empress

With 9 pentacles under her arm

The high priestess of the stars

She knows what you’re thinking

So be careful and tread lightly