Where’s the art?

I was born to stand out in a time where Creativity is on a brink of extinction By the uncontrollable desire to conform To fit in, to blend, to be just another I was born to be an individual Of many truths stored within the being Of my existence, truths of solitude The core vibration... Continue Reading →

The Rage

An emotional response to an injustice A moment of facing my inner beast A state of heat running up my larynx A fire in my belly burning my veins A cheek turned is not enough A look the other way is not enough If there’s an answer, tell me where should I look? Is it... Continue Reading →

When All Is…

When all is said and all is done When you think that life is over God gives you a second chance When all is lost and all is forgotten When you believe there’s no tomorrow God gives you a second chance When all is broken and all is gone When you think that darkness has... Continue Reading →

I Saw Mermaids In A Dream

Her waves call me into the storm With sea angels of whispers And fogs of one's night I am pulled deep within the under Into a world of secrets From the seep of her core With eyes of eternal youth And feet with no ends I am transformed


Never will I allow the silence to break me into a million pieces With my heart's desires locked in a cage of venom and pain With sorrow's last movement across great bodies of water With my wings, I will fly and rise higher than the sun With great passion, I will soar and sit amongst... Continue Reading →

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