When a Sagittarius Loves an Aquarius

When Jupiter collides with Uranus The impact is shockingly fated Two free spirits freeing each other From the world's limitations Two lovers in tuned with a higher purpose Of cosmic connection and universal love Two soulmates telepathically linked Beyond the definitions of language A love that will remain forever unexplained

Fated Love

Of a million wishes upon a rose Your kiss is my confirmation Of a lifetime of deliverance For pure bliss is discovered In our hearts intertwined Your arms are my solace For each moment spent with you Is a lifetime of love

Where’s the art?

I was born to stand out in a time where Creativity is on a brink of extinction By the uncontrollable desire to conform To fit in, to blend, to be just another I was born to be an individual Of many truths stored within the being Of my existence, truths of solitude The core vibration... Continue Reading →

The Rage

An emotional response to an injustice A moment of facing my inner beast A state of heat running up my larynx A fire in my belly burning my veins A cheek turned is not enough A look the other way is not enough If there’s an answer, tell me where should I look? Is it... Continue Reading →

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